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did you ever notice how masculine rainbow's chin is?

RD: It’s called a “strong jaw line”, dude. How could anyone not notice my heroic visage? Statuesque thats what it is, awww yeah!

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Swift Hue has the best education we could give him.

Rd: Actually we were kinda unsure what to do about Huey’s schooling. I mean when you consider his unique circumstances… We weren’t sure where his education was at, and we didn’t want to just throw him to a public school and just hope for the best.

Luckily, Twilight actually kinda suggested that she could give Swift Hue private tutoring for a few months to “assess his educational, social, and practical skill levels” or something like that? Ah, anyway, she’s been taking Swift Hue for about 4 hours everyday.

Don’t listen to his belly aching though. He only gets like this because he wants to go to a ‘real school’. Thinks he can speed up the process if he kicks up enough fuss. Pfft.

Rd: Oh yeah, and about what Shy and I do for work… [x]

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The Great Applejack Questioning of 2014

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What do I do about my anxiety/panic attacks when nobody at the moment is helping me and I'm by my own

Oh Anon, anxiety and panic attacks are the -worst- and there is no single cure all way to fix it. But we’re here for you.

I know when I get scared and anxious I take some time for myself, and curl up in a space where I feel safe. Doing something that keeps me busy, like tending to the chickens, or Angel sometimes keeps me focused.

Rainbow Dash has a lot of energy, so she likes to burn it up with a work out. When that doesn’t work, Twilight introduced her to reading, and sometimes she likes to just curl up and read a Daring-Do novel to get her mind off things.

I’ve had Twilight tell me the benefits of meditative breathing techniques. She says that they physically calm you down. I can’t give more details, but I’m sure if you look online, you could find some breathing exercise techniques.

Rarity once told me she likes a repetitious task. She makes a cup of tea. The act of stepping back from her anxiety to prepare a kettle, and the tea calms her down just as much as drinking tea.

Pinkie Pie says she likes going out and seeing friends. By making other people smile she forgets her own blues, and it helps her cheer up and forget about her anxieties. After spending time with people she loves, she feels she can tackle her problems more easily.

Applejack can get really stubborn but she’s gotten a lot better about sharing her feelings. When she talks about them, she tends to think more clearly. Still a work in progress, but AJ does tell me it helps her out sometimes.

All my friends and I do different things. And no one thing is best. So hopefully our suggestions can help you! I also would like to ask our followers to maybe reblog and add suggestions of their own to help Anon out, if they can.

But please message us again if you ever need some one, okay, Anon?

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Shy nearly had a heart attack when we woke up to all the notes.

RD: Thanks for all the likes! Jeeze, you weren’t kidding when you said you loved the blog! Always a surprise when some one just spends a day going through the archives like this! Feel free to send in more asks, and leave some comments next time Adelk12

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My Little Swift Hue?

Rd: Really freaking cute, actually.

Fs: Oh -NO-. Swift Hue is really REALLY cute!

Sh: Y-you guys think so??

Rd: I wonder if any one as spotted Huey in other universes, pony or otherwise…

Fs: That’s a very good question.

Rd: Hey! If any of you Rainbowshy followers catch sight of Swift Hue in another universe, let us know okay? Send us a submission, or a link to where you spotted him! We’ll high light it here on the blog!

Sh: Wait, are we really going to do all that. That’s kinda embarrassing, Ma…

Fs: Oh my goodness, I hope we get to see a lot of cute cuddly ponies!~<3

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"Sometimes the questions we get on the blog causes spontaneous magic. Other times, there’s Discord"

FS: You see, Huey, magic can happen spontaneously in our universe. I hear it’s a lot more common in other universes, especially the ones full of ponies.

SH: …..Ponies…

FS: Yep, cute little ponies! Anyway, magic here isn’t common, but it happens. People like Twilight can even learn to control and use it. But often times it’ll happen as a spontaneous force. A lot of these tumblr asks can do temporary magic spells.

SH: Well, that explains… things. What about Uncle Discord?

FS: Uncle Discord has always had a talent for magic, but it seems different from how Twilight uses it. So, yes, this’ll go away soon.

RD: Yes! But not before I can get a few laps in, heck yeah!

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RD: Any Rainbowshy fans going to Otakon?

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"Oh NO! Not after what Discord did to my ‘do!"

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Who did you think was older?

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Can’t a girl take a sandwich break!?

RD: I was literally absent from only two posts. TWO, Anon! C’mon now, pal! I’m around, but I got other stuff going down. I’m not in EVERY post, but it’s not like I’m ever -gone-. It was just two posts, alright?

Rest your chest! 

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"Honey? W-why a dragon? Wouldn’t like something less scary? Like a bear!"

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"What is with all of you and WEDDINGS?"

RD: Woah, you guys slow down. SLOW DOWN. We’ve gotten more messages about weddings and… marriage… Than anything else. I mean what with Swift Hue and all… Erghh! It’s just not on the table okay?

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