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RD: If we didn’t get to your question now, better luck next time. We’ll keep all questions on hand though. It might still get answered… maaayybee.

Anyone want us to do these text answers again some time? Yes or No?

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endarkculi said:

So, have any of you tried to set your friends up on dates? Possibly with each other? Or are they all perfectly fine with what they're doing now and have yet to ask for help in the romance department?

RD: Naaaahhh, it’s not our place to talk about that kinda stuff here in the blog. Fluttershy mentioned that once before in an earlier post. But, yeah, whatever. The love lives of our friends ain’t something we’re gonna release on here.

FS: And the only way we would ever… uhm, ‘set them up on dates’? Is if they asked for our help, perhaps with… like double dates? Maybe?

RD: Heh, as fun as it might be to-

FS: Rainbow Da~ash…

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askdemonata said:

Have either of you had trouble during festive years or do the festivals usually end up with you safely at home all the time?

FS: Sometimes things happen that we don’t expect. Like the great Hearth’s Warming Eve blizzard that happened. Or the time a whole cart full of clovers meant for my bunnies tipped over during the great bunny census!

RD: Or the time a whole parade took the wrong turn and ended up marching right in front of your cottage?


RD: oh yeah… I did… Heh<3

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Anonymous said:

Will the others be trick or treating with y'all?

RD: Lot’s of Nightmare Night questions. Huh? We’ll be staying in this year. Fluttershy’s not too keen on the whole trick or treating thing. And Huey claims he’s too old. Sooo… We got an ask coming up next week with more details. Wait till then for more info!

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coolestninja1242 said:

Fluttershy who is cuter Hue, Angle Bunny, or Rainbow Dash?

FS: Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

RD: Why would you devise such torture for, Shy? You know she’s too polite to admit that Huey is the obvious answer.

SH: Me?

RD: Of course! Now if the question was ‘who was the most awesome’ then I’d be the obvious answer.

SH: Ma…

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Anonymous said:

whats up with dinky and swift hue? are they a thing? how dose pinky react to this? how did they meet?

SH: I haven’t had a chance to get to know a lot of the other kids in Ponyville because SOME PEOPLE haven’t let me go to a normal school.

FS: I’m sorry Huey butTwilight says you still need more evaluating…


RD: Yo, so wait… This other part of Anon’s question. Did they switch over to asking about Pinkie Pie? Or is ‘pinky’ a typo for ‘dinky’?

SH: Beats me, Ma.

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Anonymous said:

Hyyypothetically, Huey found a dragon egg. I'm not saying I--I mean he did but. Hypothetically.


FS: Oh goodness. We’d only be able to foster the egg until it reached maturity! We’d have to find it a new home before it… it… it becomes a big… scary… fire breathing…

SH: SUPER AWESOME DRAGON! But you’d seriously let me keep the hatchling, mom??

FS: Baby critters need watching, and we’d give it the best care until it was strong enough to move on to a proper dragon foster family…

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opheliona said:

Who's the first to admit they're wrong: Dash or Fluttershy?

FS: I admit that I have a problem with being the first to apologize, whether I was in the wrong or not. I’m just quick to say “I’m sorry’, even when I have nothing to be sorry for. Meanwhile, Dashie is the type to be stubborn about arguments. Even afterwards, when she knows she’s in the wrong, it is very hard for her to swallow her pride.

RD: I get seriously all screwed up, though. And it’ll seriously bother me until I kinda get up and say something about it. Even a simple, ‘hey, my bad’ can be a super big deal for me. But after I get it out of my system, it seriously helps.

FS: Oh, Dashie, you’re so much better at apologizing than you used to be. I’m very proud of you.

RD: AND YOU, are getting much better at not apologizing for everything. Getting a hand on that anxiety has been tough for you, but you’re totally whupping it’s butt, bit by bit.

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just-bx said:

Family Halloween Costumes for This Year?

RD: You think we’re gonna spoil that surprise?? Hah! It was my turn to pick this year and you’ll just have to wait and see, now won’t ya?

SH: You’re making it sound like something super big when really you-


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RD: Bring ‘em on.

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This is a hugging dilemma…

RD: You… uh… you make a good point, Badger. I’m gonna have to get back to you on that. Son. Hug girlfriend. Girlfriend… hug son. Does not compute.

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Skirts are magical~

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FS: Oh my, it seems the new icon was picked unanimously. I guess… we have a new icon everyone!

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RD: Sooo, what do you guys think of a new icon? We’ve had a couple of people mention we should switch to a new icon that had both of us in it. But we weren’t sure. Kinda got attached to our first icon.

Should we change the icon?

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That’s pretty crazy i̴̥̳̰s̱̥̬͈͉̺̱͘n̹̜’͏̤t̩͚̦͓͚͕͞ͅ ̟̩͚̩̹͠i̼̥̜̗̼͙̯t̟͞?̧͍̙͕̰ͅ